The Jun Lab

for experimental cellular biophysics and nonequilibrium physics

We are a part of the Department of Physics at National Central University, Taiwan. Our main research focuses on non-equilibrium and biological phenomena in the small systems.


For the biophysics side, we are interested in understanding of trafficking and regulation of cargos by molecular motors such as kinesins and dyneins. Particularly, we focus on how multiple motors work together and how their collective function can be regulated to control motion of cargos in cells.

For physics side, we are studying the non-equilibrium thermodynamics using a feedback trap and an optical trap. Currently, we try to experimentally understand the connection of information to thermodynamics.

Motion of bead with a kinesin trapped by an optical trap
Stochastic evolution of single particle in the time-dependent double-well potential.



We are looking for graduate and undergraduate students interested in biophysics and nonequilibrium physics. See Opportunities for more information. Interested students are encouraged to contact Prof. Yonggun Jun.

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